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How to Change Font on Galaxy S4

Knowing how to change the font on your Galaxy S4 can be very helpful. Whether it be because you're having trouble reading the default font or because you think it's boring, this guide is sure to help you out.

This guide will tell you not only how to change the font style, but the font size as well.

Finding the Font Options on Galaxy S4

If you're unfamiliar with the setup of Galaxy phones, or even the S4 in general, it can be tricky to locate the display options. Fortunately it only takes a few taps to find.

Firstly you'll need to go to your settings menu. This can be found by swiping down from the top of your screen. From there click the icon that looks like a little gear.


Now make sure you're in the My Device tab near the top of the screen.


You should see the Display option on this page. Open that.

Now go to Font. Here you'll be presented with two options: Font style and Font size.

Change Font Style on Galaxy S4

Tap the Font style option and new screen appears.


On this page you can choose a new font. Of course it comes with quite a few different fonts, but if you don't like any of these there's always the option to download more. You can do this either by tapping the Download button on this screen or by visiting the Play store. Most downloadable apps are paid, but there are a few popular free ones:

But what if you still can't read your font? What if you still don't like it? Don't worry, there's still another way to customize your Galaxy S4.

Change Font Size on Galaxy S4

After you choose a font style you like, go back and tap the Font size option.


This page allows you to choose whatever size you'd like your font to be. Keep in mind choosing the bigger fonts may cut off some of the text in certain areas of your Galaxy S4.

We hope you enjoy your newfound ability to change the font style and size on your Galaxy S4. Be sure to try them all out to decide your favorite!

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