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How to Change Font on Galaxy S5

There are quite a few display options on the Galaxy S5. One of these is the option to change both the font style and the font size. Want to learn how to do this? You've come to the right place.

Finding the Font Options on Galaxy S5

The first step to changing your font is first finding your font options. If you're unfamiliar with where things are located on Galaxy phones this can be a bit of an undertaking. But not to worry; we'll walk you through it.

Start off by locating your settings menu. This can be found by swiping down from the top of your screen. A new window will appear and in the upper right hand corner you should see a little gear icon.


Tap it and you'll be taken to your settings. From here you'll need to locate the Display option.


Open that and you'll be taken to a new screen. Here you'll find many different display options. You can play around with these all you like, but to change your font tap the Font option.

Change Font Style on Galaxy S5

Open the first option, Font style.

A new window will open and a list of different font styles will appear.


By default the Galaxy S5 comes with quite a few different font styles but these still may not be appealing to you. If that's the case, fear not: you can always Download more. You can do this either by the option at the bottom of this screen or by paying a visit to the Play store. Most apps you find will be paid, but we've found a few popular free ones:

After you've chosen a font style you like you should set your desired font size.

Change Font Size on Galaxy S5

Go back to the previous screen and choose Font size. Yet another new screen will appear, this time presenting you with a number of different font sizes to choose from.


Bear in mind that if you choose some of the larger sizes some of the text may be cut off in certain areas of you Galaxy S5.

Enjoy your new ability to change font styles and sizes on you Galaxy S5 and be sure to try them all to decide your favorite.

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